# Releases

You can find what changes, features and bug fixed into some specific version here. we are also providing guide to upgrade from old version to newer version.

# Release Notes

# v3.4.0

# Features
  • Common Groups listing Support added into User Profile Drawer
# Enhancements
  • User should get his blocked/unblocked status real-time
  • Read receipts real-time updates
  • Marquee animation for long file name
  • Remove repetitive icon from drop zone
  • Empty state messages in conversations tabs are changed
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.25 to 6.18.38
# Fixes
  • Fixed: Emoji's selection issue
  • Fixed: Color of the text of empty state should be the same as email and other data in the drawer

# v3.3.0

# Features
  • Setting module added
# Enhancements
  • Restore archived user support added
  • Filter for archived users added
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.20 to 6.18.23
  • Draft message enhanced by showing different icon for it
  • Search boxes enhanced by adding clear all inputs support
# Fixes
  • Fixed: Messages are not receiving from newly added/register users
  • Fixed: Showing different time when timezone is not UTC in config

# v3.2.0

# Enhancements
  • User archive support added
# Fixes
  • Fixed: console errors on conversations screen when user is deleted
  • Fixed: Do not allow to delete role if assigned to more than one users

# v3.1.0

# Features
  • Message read/unread recipients support for group and private conversation added
  • Report user support added
  • Gender support added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.18.11 to 6.18.20
  • Gender filter support added into conversations popup
  • Online/Offline filter support added into conversations popup
  • Update user avatar real time in group chatting
  • Read All notification will send read message updates real time
  • Real time updates for add member button in group details drawer
# Fixes
  • Fixed: Delete conversation issue
  • Fixed: Duplicate edit buttons on group details
  • Removed unused text from conversation window (in responsive mode)

# v3.0.0

# Features
  • Chat Request Added
  • Custom Status Feature Added
  • User Privacy Settings Added
  • Copy/Paste Image Directly Into Chat Box Support Added
# Enhancements
  • Composer version updated from 6.18.6 to 6.18.11

# v2.0.4

# Features
  • Link Preview Support added
  • Archive/UnArchive Conversation(Group/User) support added
# Fixes
  • Fixed: Do not allow html tags into chat
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.17.1 to 6.18.6

# v2.0.3

# Features
  • Header notifications support added
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.17.1 to 6.18.3

# v2.0.2

# Features
  • Replay to message support added
  • Delete Message For Everyone Support added
# Enhancements
  • Blade templates are converted to JS Renderer templates
  • Laravel version updated from 6.15.1 to 6.17.1

# v2.0.1

# Fixes
  • Fixed: OneSignal webpush notifications are not enabling
  • Fixed: Emoji's are showing as text while sending message
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version update from 6.13.1 to 6.15.1

# v2.0.0

# Features
  • Group Chat support added
  • Public vs Private Groups
  • Open vs Close Groups
  • Groups Members Management (Admin, Add/Remove Members)
  • Real time updates when user change his profile
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version update from 6.12.0 to 6.13.1
  • Queries Optimization
  • Number of Channels Optimization
# Fixes
  • Remove the timeline when last message from that timeline is deleted
  • Fixed: update unread conversations count

# v1.4.1

# Enhancements
  • Laravel version update from 6.9.0 to 6.12.0
  • Roles modules converted to Datatables
# Fixes
  • Fixed: User online/offline status is not displaying proper
  • Fixed: Sidebar menu is not being selected

# v1.4.0

# Features
  • Blocked users list added
  • Block-Unblock real time updates
# Enhancements
  • Composer packages updated
  • Confirmation popup while blocking-unblocking users
  • Added asterisk (*) after label for all required fields
  • Users list for chat is now updated real time while blocking-unblocking users
# Fixes
  • Fixed: User status should not be display after blocking it.

# v1.3.0

# Features
  • S3 file upload support added
  • Remove profile image support added
  • Uploaded file preview support added
  • Show text like You have blokced this user. OR You are blocked by this user. when user block each others.
  • Show count of unread conversations on tab
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.8.0 to 6.9.0
  • Use sweet-alert popup while deleting users/roles
  • Delete conversation icon changed
# Fixes
  • Remove media at a time from side profile bar when media is deleted.

# v1.2.0

# Features
  • Webpush Notifications Added
  • Social Auth - Google + Facebook
  • Change Password Option
  • Abuse word filtering
  • User initials Added
  • Block Unblock Users Added
  • Single Message Delete Implemented
  • Shared Media Collection on side profile bar
# Enhancements
  • Laravel version updated from 6.0.1 to 6.8.0
  • Simple mail template changed to markdown mail
  • Password fields removed from edit user modal
  • Logout icon changed
  • Use Markdown mail instead of simple mail templates
  • Send verification email when new user is created as InActive by admin
  • Loader moved to center on conversation tab.
# Fixes
  • Role name make required and toast validation errors
  • User create/edit name,email fields make required and add toast validation errors
  • Show success message after sending reset password link
  • Removed config/excel.php as it's not use anywhere
  • Logout route 302 not found issue fixed

# v1.1.0

# Features
  • Emoji support added
  • Delete conversation support added
  • Draft message support added
  • Added email in conversation user profile
# Enhancements
  • Reduce width of action column in roles table
  • Security for subscribing channel improved, login user can only subscribe their channels
  • User will redirect to login screen after logout
  • Show file name into dropzone file upload
# Fixes
  • Fixed collapse issue of side menu UI
  • Chat bubble width adjusted
  • Fixed new message append issue when there is so many unread messages
  • Fixed sent messages will be displayed double in chat container